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We offer an exceptional ballet program to students ages 3 to adult. Our instructors are skilled at engaging each student with appropriate challenges. Whether your student participates in a recreational way or desires to pursue this ancient craft more seriously in the long-term, our classes are a fabulous place to nurture their abilities. Dancers of both sexes are encouraged to participate in our ballet program where they will learn improved posture and confidence, which when presented in their adolescent years, are sure to become long-lasting habits that will benefit them for years to come. Students who plan to participate in RAD examinations must attend at least 2 classes per week.

Information on RAD Exams

Registration Information

Prerequisite Classes

Intermediate/Sr BalletTuesday 5:30-6:45Kara
RAD Intermediate FoundationTuesday 6:45-8:15Kara
RAD Int. F PointeTuesday 8:15-9:00Kara
Kinder Ballet 4yrsWednesday 3:30-4:00Kara
RAD Grade 1 Yr 1 Wednesday 4:00-5:00Kara
RAD Grade 1 Yr 2Wednesday 5:00-6:00Kara
Junior Ballet CompWednesday 6:00-7:00Kara
RAD Intermediate FoundationWednesday 7:00-8:30Kara
RAD Pre-PrimaryWednesday 4:00-4:45TBD
RAD Grade 3 Yr 2Wednesday 4:45-6:00TBD
Junior Ballet 8+ yrsWednesday 6:00-7:00TBD
RAD Gr4 Yr2Wednesday 7:00-8:15TBD
Inter/Senior BalletWednesday 8:15-9:30TBD
Kinder Ballet 3 yrsThursday 3:30-4:00Kara
RAD Primary (6 yrs)Thursday 4:00-5:00Kara
Kinder CompanyThursday 5:00-5:45Kara
RAD Advanced FoundationThurday 5:45-7:15Kara
Adult BalletThursday 7:15-8:30Kara
RAD Pre-PrimarySaturday 9:00-9:45Kara
Kinder Tap 5 yrsSaturday 9:45-10:15Kara
Kinder Ballet 4 yrsSaturday 10:15-10:45Kara
Kinder Tap 4 yrsSaturday 10:45-11:15Kara
RAD Advanced FoundationSaturday 12:15-1:45Kara
RAD AF Pointe TechSaturday 1:45-2:45Kara
Kinder Ballet 4 yrsSaturday 9:30-10:00Vanessa
Kinder Ballet 3 yrsSaturday 10:00-10:30Vanessa
RAD Pre-PrimarySaturday 11:00-11:45Vanessa
RAD PrimarySaturday 9:00-10:00Amy
RAD Grade 1 Yr 1Saturday 10:00-11:00Amy
RAD Grade 3 Yr 2Saturday 11:00-12:30Amy
RAD Grade 1 Yr 2Saturday 12:45-1:45Amy
RAD Grade 4 Yr 2Saturday 1:45-3:15Amy

Our jazz dance classes teach a genre of dance that developed alongside the jazz music movement in the early 20th century. Students learn proper warm up techniques that involve stretching for flexibility, core strengthening, balance, and more. They are taught the joy of jumping and turning, kicking and hitting the pose! This style of dance is incredibly exciting and popular. All music and choreography used for dance classes at The Arts Connection is age appropriate.

Registration Information

Junior Jazz 6-9 yrsMonday 5:15-6:15Lindsay
Kinder Jazz 4-6 yrsMonday 4:30-5:15Sarah
Junior Jazz 9+ yrsMonday 7:15-8:15Sarah
Intermediate Jazz 10+ yrsTuesday 4:00-5:00Crimson
Inter/Senior Jazz CompThursday 6:00-7:00Celina
Kinder Jazz 4 yrsSaturday 9:00-9:30Vanessa
Kinder Jazz 5 yrsSaturday 10:30-11:00Vanessa

Our tap dance classes support each student’s development of great technique, rhythm, and creative choreography. Students gradually learn to listen to and create music, with their feet as their instruments! This is a class where students are encouraged to make noise, while also learning about specific elements of tap technique such as “shading” and keeping a beat. Many different tap styles will be touched upon over the course of the year so that students will feel well versed in every tap genre. In addition, our instructors educate students on the history of tap, and the wonderful tap dancers that pioneered the genre both in the past, and presently. Our tap dancers enjoy a fun dance class that also enriches them as an individual. All music and choreography used for dance classes at The Arts Connection is age appropriate.

Registration Information

Kinder Tap 4-6 yrsTuesday 4:15-4:45Sarah
Junior Tap 6-8 yrsTuesday 4:45-5:45Sarah
Junior Tap 8+ yrsTuesday 5:45-6:45Sarah
Intermediate Tap 11+ yrsTuesday 6:45-7:45Sarah
Intermediate Tap 8-10 yrsThursday 4:00-5:00Sarah
Intermediate Tap TechThursday 5:00-5:30Alex
Inter Tap CompThursday 5:30-6:00Alex
Senior Tap TechThursday 7:30-8:00Alex
Senior Tap CompThursday 8:00-9:00Alex

Lyrical is a popular style for its ability to connect dancers and audience members to the story within the song. It combines ballet and jazz techniques into a smooth flowing and expressive dance form.

Registration Information

Junior Lyrical 6-7 yrsMonday 4:15-5:15Lindsay
Intermediate Lyrical 9+ yrsMonday 6:15-7:15Lindsay
Senior Lyrical CompMonday 8:15-9:15Lindsay
Junior Lyrical 8+ yrsThursday 6:30-7:30Alex
Intermediate Lyrical CompThursday 7:00-8:00Celina
hip hop

Often related to street dancing, hip hop is an upbeat, fun style that can be taken by dancers of all ages! The term hip hop is a broader term that encompasses styles such as popping, locking, and breaking. Our hip hop instructor will be encouraging all of the students in these exciting classes to develop new skills, and learn how to express themselves through popular music and getting into the groove! All of the music used in class and choreography will be age appropriate.

Registration Information

Kinder Hip Hop 5-6 yrsMonday 5:15-6:15Sarah
Junior Hip Hop 8-12 yrsThursday 4:00-5:00Celina
Junior Hip Hop 8-12 yrsThursday 4:00-5:00Celina
Junior Hip Hop 5-7 yrsThursday 5:00-6:00Celina

This is another genre of dance that blends multiple styles into one with the addition of various acrobatic skills. Choreography will blend skills such as back bends and lifts with other dance steps you might see in jazz or lyrical. Due to the physical training required for this dance genre, placement into the appropriate level for acro will be at the discretion of the instructor. 

Registration Information

Kinder Acro 5-6 yrsTueday 5:00-5:45Crimson
Junior Acro 6-8 yrsTuesday 5:45-6:45Crimson
Junior Acro 9+ yrsTuesday 6:45-7:45Crimson
musical theatre

Musical Theatre gives the opportunity for students to develop their skills in the three core disciplines of musical theatre: singing, dancing and acting in a safe and nurturing setting that will set them on a journey towards becoming a true triple threat. Through the program, students will also gain skills in self-confidence, while learning to collaborate and work together in a group. It's like a little taste of Broadway at dance class each week!

Registration Information

Junior Musical Theatre 6-10 yrs Monday 6:15-7:15Sarah


RAD Gr. 1 Yr 1 (6-7yrs)Ballet twice per week & Gr. 1 tech required if participating in exams
RAD Gr. 1 Yr 2 (7-8yrs)Ballet twice per week plus Gr. 1 Tech if participating in exams
RAD Gr. 3 Yr 2 (9-10yrs)Ballet twice per week
RAD Gr. 4 Yr 2 (10-12yrs)Ballet twice per week
RAD Intermediate FoundationRAD Inter Foundation Ballet twice per week plus RAD Inter Foundation Tech if participating in exams
RAD Inter Foundation TechRAD Inter Foundation twice per week
RAD Inter Foundation PointeBallet twice per week minimum
RAD Advanced FoundationBallet thrice per week minimum
RAD Adv. Foundation PointeAdv. Foundation 3x per week plus RAD Adv. Foundation Pointe 2x per week


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