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  • the-arts-connection-music-classes-richmond-vancouver-sing-dance-play-kids-children

    Sing, Dance, Play!

    THURSDAY 4:30PM - 5:15PM
    Sep 20 - Dec 14 | 13 sessions
    Born in 2012-2015 | Instructor: Sheila Lee
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    This is a class for children who are ready to attend music class on their own! Sing like a bird, stomp your feet like an elephant, crawl under the parachute like a bear, or wave your conducting wand to travel to make-believe places. Singing, dancing, acting, instruments, costumes, and props will be used to make musical concepts come alive! Different themes and stories will be explored each week. Rudimentary music concepts will be experienced through fun and play. This class is an excellent stepping stone towards private music lessons in the future.

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    SKU: M-SIN-DAN-PLA | Thu 4:30PM - 5:15PM | Sep 20 - Dec 14. Categories: , , . Tags: , , , .
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  • texture-time

    Texture Time

    MONDAY 4:40PM - 5:20PM
    Sept 17 - Dec 10 | 11 sessions
    No classes: Oct 8 (Thanksgiving) Nov 12 (Remembrance Day)
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor:

    We will take a hands-on approach in this class about texture! Using a variety of items, students will make art that are rough, bumpy, smooth and scaly. By experimenting with different materials, students make everyday into masterpieces!

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    SKU: ART-TEX-TIM | Mon 4:40PM - 5:20PM | Sep 17 - Dec 10. Categories: , , . Tags: , .
  • creature-creations

    Creature Creations

    TUESDAY 4:40PM - 5:20PM
    Sep 18 - Dec 11 | 13 sessions
    Born in 2014 / 2015 | Instructor: TBA
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    Do you love animals? Join us for our “Creature Creations” class where each week we will create a work of art inspired by wild animals. From snakes of the Amazon to desert-dwelling camels, students will love painting, drawing and sculpting their way through the animal kingdom.

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    SKU: ART-CRE-CRE | Tue 4:40PM - 5:20PM | Sep 18 - Dec 11. Categories: , , . Tags: , .
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  • colour-pop

    Colour Pop!

    WEDNESDAY 4:40PM - 5:20PM
    Sep 19 - Dec 12 | 13 sessions
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: TBA

    Explore the colours of the rainbow and beyond in this fun and interactive class! Using paint, markers, paper and more, students will create beautifully bright works of art while learning the basics of colour theory. Come join us as we create a kaleidoscope of colourful creations!

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    SKU: ART-COL-POP | Wed 4:40PM - 5:20PM | Sep 19 - Dec 12. Categories: , , . Tags: , .
  • story-of-art

    The Story of Art

    THURSDAY 4:40PM - 5:20PM
    Sep 20 - Dec 13 | 13 sessions
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: TBA

    Every great children’s book has two things in common.. A captivating story and amazing illustrations! In this class, students will create works of art in response to some classic children’s stories. From Eric Carle to Beatrix Potter, we will learn how a story comes to life through pictures, and how each illustrator has their own distinct style that makes their drawings special.

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    SKU: ART-STO-ART | Thu 4:40PM - 5:20PM | Sep 20 - Dec 13. Categories: , , . Tags: , .
  • shapes-and-sizes

    Shapes and Sizes

    FRIDAY 4:40PM - 5:20PM
    Sep 21 - Dec 14 | 13 sessions
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor:

    Our Shapes and Sizes class is all about building upon our students’ fine motor skills during fun and creative lessons. We will cut pieces for our own collages, build items out of clay, and work with scale from very small to very big! This class is perfect for children who love working with their hands and building things from scratch.

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    SKU: ART-SHA-SIZ | Fri 4:40PM - 5:20PM | Sep 21 - Dec 14. Categories: , , . Tags: , .
  • the-arts-connection-classes-richmond-vancouver-storytime-club-kids-children

    Storytime Club

    MONDAY - FRIDAY 5:30PM - 6:00PM
    Sept 4 - Aug 28 | sessions
    No classes: On Renaissance Kids closure and event dates. Please refer to the Renaissance Kids calendar for the yearly closures and events.
    Born in 2014-2017 | Instructor: TBA

    A class that is full of whimsy, creativity, poignancy, humour and fun, children will weave their way through glorious stories that will instill a passion for reading and story-telling. The Story Room is a magical place where children will get lost in one wonderful and carefully-chosen storybook each week with an accompanying activity.

    Registration for this class is year long and open by invitation only.

    Fees: $80/month

    REGISTRATION: Please contact our main office

    *Please note that this is a full year program and you will be registered for three terms (fall, winter and spring). Withdrawal is only available per term and further details will be provided upon registration with the office.

    SKU: RK-STO-CLU | Mon-Fri 5:30PM - 6:00PM | Sep 17 - Dec 14. Categories: , . Tags: , , , .
  • kelly-kirby

    Kelly Kirby Preparatory Piano Class

    TUESDAY & THURSDAY 2:30PM - 3:00PM
    Sep 18 - Dec 13 | 20 sessions
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: Emily Andrews

    WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY 4:00PM - 4:30PM
    Sep 19 - Dec 14 | 20 sessions
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: Sheryl Hung

    WEDNESDAY 2:00PM - 2:45PM
    Sep 19 - Dec 12 | 12 sessions
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: Emily Andrews

    SATURDAY 10:30AM - 11:15PM
    Sep 22 - Dec 15 | 12 sessions
    No classes: Oct 6 (Thanksgiving)
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: Sheryl Hung

    Tsawwassen Location
    MONDAY 11:30AM - 12:15AM

    Sep 17 - Dec 3 | 12 sessions
    No classes: Oct 8 (Thanksgiving), Nov 12 (Remembrance Day)
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: Sheryl Hung

    The “Kelly Kirby Preparatory Piano Class” is specifically design for 3 year olds with the goal of developing the skills needed in order to be successful when entering the Introductory Piano Program.

    Taught in small groups of four, students will develop listening skills through ear training, fine motor skills through hand games and finger exercises both on and off the keyboard, and some basic knowledge of pitch and dynamics.

    The lesson content for this new Preparatory Piano Class has been developed from the original Kelly Kirby Teachers’ Manual published at the University of Toronto in the 1930’s as part of their Royal Conservatory program for children. The Kelly Kirby Introductory Piano Program then went on to become the foundation program for thousands of young children attending classes at the Conservatory and throughout music schools and studios across North America.

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  • parent-and-me-open-studio

    Parent and Me Open Studio

    Saturday 10:15AM - 11:15AM
    Sep 22 - Dec 15 | 12 sessions
    No classes: Oct 6 (Thanksgiving)
    Born in Min -18 months | Instructor: Hollis Nelson
    $215.00 Join Waitlist

    Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to introduce your child to visual arts? The Parent and Me Open Studio may be the perfect option for your family!  Facilitated by a trained art instructor, the art studio will be open for families to explore different art-based centers in a slow paced, relaxed environment. Activities such as clay play, free paint, veggie stamping and more await you, with centers rotating every week. You can choose to keep anything your child creates, or purely enjoy the process.Stay for the entire hour, or come and go at your convenience- we will take care of the mess!

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    SKU: Parent-and-Me-Open-Studio-Fall-2018. Categories: , , , . Tags: , , , , , .
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  • lego-landing

    Lego Landing: Level I

    Wednesday 1:30PM - 2:15PM
    Sep 19 - Dec 12 | 13 sessions
    Born in 2014/2015 | Instructor: Jen Den Hartogh

    Budding engineers, get ready to build! Fun assembly required! Explore basic engineering concepts through creative challenges that will stretch the imagination. Each week will have themed builds with clear and guided objectives. This play-based, instructor-led program will capitalize on the natural curiosity and innovative spirit of every child as they use Lego and other construction materials to help solve simple problems through experimentation and exploration.

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