Online Registration


  1. You will need to create a family account to register for camps.
  2. If your email is already registered with us, retrieve your password by clicking on “FORGOT MY PASSWORD”
  3. When you login, create profiles for your child by “Adding a Camper”.
  4.  While you can shop for multiple children at the same time, you will need to check out each child individually as separate transactions.
  5. Once you successfully add a camp to your cart, you will have up to 1.5 hours to secure that spot before it expires from your cart.
  6. If you receive a message that a camp is not available due to a pending order, this means that there are customers who have added the camps to their carts and that capacity has been reached. They will have 1.5 hours to secure the spot before it is made available again to others.
  7. MULTIPLE CAMP DISCOUNT: If a camper registers for more than 3 camps, he or she will be eligible for a 5% discount on his or her total fees. If a camper registers for more than 5 camps, he or she will be eligible for a 10% discount on his or her total fees.
  8. Campers are required to purchase at least one camp t-shirt and we strongly advise them to wear this on a daily basis while attending our camps as a means of safety as there will be both small and big field trips that will occur during the course of the week for each camp. Please note that campers are able to use the same camp shirt from the 2017 Wondercamps.
    If you have technical difficulties, please call us at
    604-241-0141 ext. 234 and we will assist you.
    For any other questions, please contact our office at 604-241-0141.